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Supercut celebrates a century of robots in film

Robbie the Robot! R2-D2! Wall-E! Watch your favorite robots, androids, cyborgs, metal men and Replicants from over 100 films in this sci-fi supercut.

Robby the Robot is one of many metal celebrities shown in this film tribute. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Not every memorable character in a movie needs to have a pulse. In this "Robots on Film" video supercut from Fusion, we're treated to robots in over 102 movies starting all the way back in "The Mechanical Man" in 1921 and ending with "Interstellar" in 2014.

Some robots, from movies such as "Cyborg" (1966), "THX 1138" (1971), "Stepford Wives" (1975), "Runaway" (1984), "Terminator" (1984), "RoboCop" (1987), "Hardware" (1990), "Matrix Reloaded" (2003), "I, Robot" (2004), and "Transformers" (2007) are worthy of our horrified screams.

But movies such as "Dr. Satan's Robot" (1934), "Robot Monster" (1952), "Devil Girl from Mars" (1954), "Target Earth" (1954), "Gog" (1957) and "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" (1964) feature android-related amusement.

Robby the Robot, V.I.N.CENT, Bubo the owl, Pris the Replicant, Tik-Tok, Bishop, Johnny Five, Dot Matrix, Marvin, Wall-E, R2-D2, C-3PO and other iconic movie robots rolls, waddle, scamper, fly and fight their way into our binary-loving hearts.

Not all robots strike fear in the hearts of humans. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

This is also the perfect video to watch to remind you to update your Netflix list with many long-lost robot movies like "Starcrash" (1979), "C.H.O.M.P.S." (1979), "Galaxina" (1979), "Heartbeeps" (1981), "Runaway" (1984), "Deadly Friend" (1986), "Space Camp" (1986), "Cherry 2000" (1987), "Batteries Not Included" (1987), "Making Mr. Right" (1987), "Not Quite Human" (1978), "Space Invaders" (1990), "Cyborg Cop" (1993), "Virtuosity" (1995), "Evolver" (1995), "Bicentennial Man" (1999), "A.I." (2001), "Real Steel" (2011) and "Eva" (2011), among many others.

There's even a few movies we forgot even had robots, like "Rocky IV" (1985), "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" (1991), "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah" (1991) and "Jason X" (2001).

How many robots can you identify by name, and which ones are missing from this extensive tribute? Test your metal in the comments section.