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Super Talent rolls out 64GB USB drives

Super Talent Technology launches high-capacity USB flash drives with features and style.

Super Talant Techonology

Super Talent Technology is out with a new family of high-capacity USB drives that offer up to 64GB of space.

For now, the new drives are possibly the largest in the community of little drives. And they have style too.

Dubbed Luxio, the drives are housed in a sleek .8 inch by 3 inch by .4 inch UV-coated ABS/PC case with chrome-plated zinc trim. They come in black, silver, and wood grain colors and in three storage sizes: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

All models in the Luxio family come with advanced AES-256 hardware encryption as a standard feature that allows for fast, convenient data security. The drives are packaged in a gift box with a custom-made black leather carrying case.

The Luxio models will begin shipping this week. The cost of the 64GB versions are expected to be around $149.