Super Nintendo World looks pretty incredible in unofficial Twitter video

I'd like to live there.

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Sean Keane

Universal Studios Japan revealed a rendering of Super Nintendo World, but we've had a few unofficial glimpses of the actual park.


The grand opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Japan may've been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn't stopped us from getting a few glimpses. A Twitter video, uploaded Wednesday and previously reported by Nintendo Life, gave us another look at the Mario-themed location.

Yes, I've gone there in my mind too. You can spot a moving Yoshi, Piranha Plant and several distinct areas, including Bowser's Castle.

Super Nintendo World was unveiled with a spectacular trailer back in January. It'll have two rides -- Super Mario Kart and an attraction called Yoshi's Adventures -- along with games, merch and food. It's expected to come to Orlando in 2023.

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