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Super Mario Bros. theme played on wine glasses

This ultimate tribute to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and Yoshi uses drinking glasses, pencils, and even a frying pan to play the iconic theme song.

Dan Newbie/Video screenshot by Kelsey Adams/CNET

The beloved video game Super Mario Bros. has some of the most talented fans on the planet. Need proof? Check out this video made by YouTube user Dan Newbie, who played the Super Mario Bros. theme song on 48 wine glasses filled with water by hitting them with pencils, as well as slapping a frying pan for extra rhythm. Super Mario Bros. music composer Koji Kondo would be proud.

This isn't the first time a fan has paid tribute to Super Mario Bros. by playing wine glasses. In 2012, fan Rilig Ririlili played wine glasses filled with water the traditional way as a glass harp -- by running fingers over the rims of the glasses.

But this may be the first wine glass cover song that includes a frying pan as percussion.

In addition to this, Newbie has also played wine glasses, pots, and pans for tribute cover songs to "Let It Go" from Disney's movie "Frozen" and Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

Newbie is also taking song requests from fans who'd like to see him post more glass-playing videos. Here's hoping for a "Game of Thrones" tribute.