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Super-hotcakes? Chromecast wait now up to 4 weeks

Google's HDMI dongle bridge between small and bigger screens is already back-ordered or temporarily out of stock, but it's still possible to get it with three free months of Netflix.

Well, that was quick. The Chromecast disappears from Amazon in mere hours.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Chromecast, Google's new $35 HDMI dongle that seeks to create a bridge between laptops, mobile devices, and televisions or other larger screens, has quickly become the hot item of the day. I'm talking measured-in-Kelvin hot here, folks.

Since being unveiled Wednesday morning at a Google breakfast event and going on sale shortly thereafter, Chromecast is already listed as "temporarily out of stock" on Amazon and on the Google Play store, you're now looking at three to four weeks before your dongle will ship. I ordered mine from Best Buy which is still offering relatively speedy service (and free shipping) by promising to ship me a Chromecast in the first week of August.

This comes after availability and ship dates bounced around shortly after going on sale online, as my colleague Josh Lowensohn reported earlier.

Helping to drive the rush to snag the already inexpensive gadget is a bonus, limited-time offer of three months of free Netflix streaming with the purchase of a new Chromecast from Amazon, Google or Best Buy. Rather unbelievably, the offer is valid for both new and existing Netflix subscribers. Factor in that deal, and the net cost of your dongle is just $11.

Did you already order a Chromecast? Let us know in the comments when you've been told to expect that yours will ship.