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Super Bowl HDTV discounts won't go deep

Unlike in previous years, we won't see steep discounts in HDTV pricing around the Super Bowl.

Citing those deep holiday discounts for big-screen HDTVs, such as the $999 Westinghouse 42-inch LCD, analysts told that this year's Super Bowl won't occasion the same kinds of price cuts. Previous years have seen lineman-size reductions in HDTV prices during the two weeks leading up to the big game, but this year outlets such as Circuit City and Best Buy, whose profits were hurt by a blitz of holiday sales, will instead focus on kicker-size price promotions (the deepest discount analysts saw so far is a $250 Vizio deal at Costco) and bundles. If you were a holdout till now, however, you might want to wait until after the big game, when prices are expected to fall to make way for 2007 inventory. (Source: