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Sunny day: 'Sesame Street' accessories arrive

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street accessories? DreamGear and Sesame Workshop have teamed up to bring Elmo and friends to game handhelds, headphones, and more.

Case and decals for Nintendo's DSi
A crystal case with DreamGear

And now, for your dose of morning cute..."Sesame Street" is making its way to video game and audio accessories.

Elmo headphones
Elmo headphones love you. DreamGear

The products, featuring the likenesses of iconic "Street" stars like Elmo, Grover, and Oscar the Grouch, come courtesy of a new partnership between game accessory maker DreamGear and Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind "Sesame Street."

The first officially licensed gaggle of gear, released late last month and selling at Toys "R" Us and Best Buy, includes cases and decals for the Nintendo DSi, DS Lite, and DSi XL; Elmo and Cookie Monster styli with matching wrist straps; and over-the-ear Elmo and Cookie Monster headphones.

Next month, DreamGear will expand the "Sesame Street" line to cases and audio products for Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod. All will be available on DreamGear's site, as well as from retailers in the United States and Canada.

"Sesame Street," of course, has enjoyed plenty of time in the spotlight in the last couple of weeks, what with Katy Perry's controversial duet with Elmo, and a man dressed as the red puppet kicking some fur in a brawl at a Orlando, Fla., music store over the weekend.

Add to that the new "Sesame Street" gizmos, which "will allow kids and adult gamers alike to put their personal stamp on their gaming and audio devices," press materials for the accessories note. Well, we're not so sure about adult takers, except maybe a select few (we're talking about you, Ina Fried).