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Suitsy: Like a onesie for grown-up men

The Suitsy is a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that brings pajama-style comfort to the suit-and-tie world of modern business. Are you up for wearing a onesie, guys?

The Suitsy might just be the first business suit that's actually comfortable. Suitsy

Even when wearing a perfectly fitted shirt, pants and coat, I never feel quite comfortable in a full business suit. Fortunately for me and the millions of other office drones out there, someone is working on garb that looks like a business suit, but is supposed to feel like you're wearing pajamas.

The product is called Suitsy, and it's essentially an adult onesie with pants, dress shirt and coat sewn together to give the illusion of a full suit. You put on the Suitsy by slipping your legs and arms into the corresponding leg and arm holes, then zipping up the hidden zipper that's concealed behind the shirt button placket. A fake shirt cuff comes out of the bottom part of the Suitsy's sleeve, giving the impression you're wearing a full dress shirt even though you're not.

But you can't buy the Suitsy just yet. Jesse Herzog, the man who invented the Suitsy, has put the concept up for a vote on Betabrand, where users can vote on whether they'd like to see such a product come to market. If enough people express interest in the product -- over 1,500 people have voted for it so far -- Suitsy will move into the crowdfunding stage.

I'm all for laziness and comfort, but there's a big elephant in the room here: How the heck do you go to the bathroom in this thing?

(Via SFGate)