Marvel fans, suit up in Avengers-inspired clothes for guys

Want to show your love for Captain America, Thor and Iron Man without having to don a cape or a mask? Men's fashion line Five Four shows you how to dress like an Avenger in disguise.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

Inspired by Marvel's Avengers, the only fella missing is the Hulk. Five Four

When you're a hard-core Marvel comics fan, it's hard to wave your superhero fandom flag when you have an office job or want to impress a date.

Thanks to Five Four, men who want to express their appreciation for the Avengers without settling for a mere T-shirt, hoodie or wearable sleeping bag can now invest in a more posh look with shirts, jackets, reversible tops, suits and separates inspired by Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Sadly, the Hulk is not represented -- probably because he always rips his clothes when he gets angry.

"Five Four's limited edition Marvel collection was built on a simple principle: take elements of the Marvel Universe and create a bold new collection from the ground-up," according to the Five Four website.

This fashionable interpretation of Marvel's Avengers is an interesting take on what it means to look like a superhero -- stylishly, and as subtly as possible.

Check out this video featuring some of the fashions from the new Marvel line of ready-to-wear items. Even one of the models looks like he could be Thor's twin.