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SugarCRM as an application, or as a development platform?

Is there more to SugarCRM than meets the eye? Like a development platform....

I was intrigued to see this post on about using SugarCRM as a development platform. (Disclosure: I'm an advisor to SugarCRM.) I know and use Sugar as an application. This was the first I've heard of someone using it as a development platform:

While SugarCRM delivers the basic CRM functions that most small to medium sized organisations need, we have realised that SugarCRM's greater value lies in using it as a development framework for building vertical industry specific business applications. Its highly extensible architecture reduces development time significantly, almost by 50-60% based on our experience.

I haven't asked SugarCRM if it has any OEM partners, but perhaps it's time? This could be a great way to make SugarCRM the "Intel Inside" of CRM-related business applications. I know that companies have OEM'd Alfresco (my company), JasperSoft, and other open-source applications. Now SugarCRM gets in the mix....

Indeed, perhaps this is one of the primary values in any open-source application: There's a lot under the hood that could be used for complementary or completely different applications. It's a chance to take the foundation and create an entirely new application from it.