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Stuffed banana bread is never boring

Yeah, that's the stuff.


Banana bread may very well be one of the greatest and most versatile gifts ever to be bestowed upon us by the food gods. It's perfect for breakfast, a guaranteed hit at brunch and great with a cup of coffee or tea for dessert. It's also incredibly easy to make. So whenever I buy bananas, I personally like to set a couple aside to get extra ripe and ready to be baked into a bread. Recently, I was looking online for different kinds of banana bread (you know, just to spice it up a little) ย and I came across different kinds of fillings you can bake right into the middle of your favorite banana bread. While it seems like a tricky dish to master, making a stuffed banana bread is actually just as simple as the basic loaf:

Try these recipes when your next bunch of bananas is ready to get baked.ย 

Cheesecake-filled banana bread

Cheesecake-filled banana bread has quickly become very popular among my family and friends, and it's my favorite banana bread recipe I've tried (so far). While it takes a long time to bake, prepping and assembling the batter for both components of thisย cheesecake-filled banana bread recipeย is so quick and easy. Thisย cinnamon swirl cream cheese banana bread recipe is similar, but the cinnamon and walnuts on top of the layer of cream cheese really add something special. Hint: If you like strawberries, try substituting strawberry cream cheese for an added flavor.

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Peanut butter and strawberry banana bread

I mean, it's got strawberries and bananas in it, so this is healthy, right? It's vegan, too. I'd definitely drizzle some extra peanut butter and some walnuts on top for good measure. Get the Peanut Butter and Strawberry Banana Bread recipe.

Nutella-stuffed banana bread

Now this is the stuff dreams are made of. With Nutella in the middle and roasted bananas in the batter, this banana bread really hits it right out of the park. Try your best not to eat it all in one sitting, although no one would really blame you if you did. Get Chowhound's Nutella-stuffed banana bread recipe. (Or try this molten chocolate banana bread recipeย if you have dark chocolate but no Nutella.)

Cinnamon swirl banana bread

Who doesn't love a pinch of cinnamon in their banana bread? This version is even better because there's a distinct cinnamon ribbon running through the moist bread (you make it by mixing cinnamon with nutmeg, brown sugar and butter, and sprinkling clumps of it between layers of batter). Get the cinnamon swirl banana bread recipe.

Berry banana bread

This may look like a regular banana bread, but cut into it and you'll find it's filled with fresh blueberries and raspberries. As an added bonus, this recipe comes with a separate recipe for an easy-to-make cream cheese frosting if you want to top it off. Get the berry banana bread recipe. ย 

Chocolate peanut butter banana bread

One time I tried a banana Reese's, and I actually really liked it. I imagine this is the banana bread version of that. What I'm especially excited about in this recipe is that the banana bread isn't just stuffed with chocolate chips (and peanut butter); the entire bread is chocolate flavored. Sign me right up. Get the chocolate peanut butter banana bread recipe.

Blueberry chia jam stuffed oatmeal banana bread

Berry-filled banana bread meets jelly doughnut in a banana strawberry jam loaf recipe that calls for a thin layer of strawberry jam right in the middle. But if you want to get a little healthier (and eat way more jam), this oatmeal banana bread with a thick middle of blueberry chia seed jam feels like a very classy option that you'd probably enjoy with a cup of tea. Get the blueberry chia jam stuffed oatmeal banana bread recipe.

Banana bread with salted caramel center

Caramel and bananas together are an amazing and underrated combination (except maybe in New Orleans, where Bananas Foster reigns). And I am seriously a sucker for salted caramel anything. So I cannot wait to try this banana bread with salted caramel right in the middle -- and extra poured on top. Get the banana bread with salted caramel center recipe.

Peach mango banana bread

Who knew banana bread could be so tropical? Filled with fresh diced fruit and made with coconut oil, this banana bread is a perfect light dessert for your summer barbecues. It should pair well with a pina colada too! Get theย peach and mango banana bread recipe.

This story was written by Toniann Pasqueralle for Chowhound.