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Study: U.S. adults spend $1,200 a year on electronics

Adults spend $1,200 a year on consumer electronics and own, on average, 25 CE products per household, according to a study by the CEA.

News flash: Americans have money to throw around. And we like to spend it on shiny, new gadgets.

The Consumer Electronics Association, a trade group representing electronics companies, released a study Thursday that shows the average American adult spends $1,200 on electronic gizmos each year. The result is that the average U.S. household has about 25 consumer electronics products each.

Though we're still snatching up CE mainstays like cell phones and cameras, the top growth sectors in the industry are digital video recorders, network routers, MP3 players and cable modems, according to the study. So, though it's long been predicted we'd be living in totally wired homes, the increasing popularity of DVRs and routers indicate we may finally be on our way.

The study also found that teens spend $350 a year on gadgets, roughly half of their discretionary money, and adults with teens living in the home, spend $500 more than the national average of $1,200.