Study: Android users sad hicks, iPhone users rich girls

A study by Hunch suggests that Android users are far more likely to live in the country and slightly more likely to be pessimists. While iPhone users have more income and are more likely to be female.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Today, Google bought Motorola Mobility and the world stopped.

While it did, I had time to open an e-mail from the folks at Hunch, a Web site that tries to take decisions out of your hands (and your head).

The e-mail contained an interesting infographic that offered some of the most graphic (if not always the most informational) illustration of the difference between Android users and those who prefer iPhones.

Firstly, and perhaps most stunningly, Android users are 86 percent more likely than iPhone users to live in the countryside. What can this possibly mean? Possibly nothing, but wait. Those who prefer the little green robot are also 80 percent more likely to have only a high school diploma. They're also 71 percent more likely to say they follow rather than lead.

Surely one of those nice illustrators in Central Park could draw a perfect picture of these people without even having one sit in front of them.

What a contrast with iPhone users. They are 67 percent more likely to have a household income of more than $200,000. They are 39 percent more likely to declare themselves high-maintenance. And they are 18 percent more likely to be women.

Please, I haven't made any of this up. This is, allegedly, all based on responses from 15,818 Hunchers.

The infographic is so full of joyous nuggets that mere words can barely do it justice. Androiders are 71 percent more likely never to have traveled beyond the borders of the United States. They are more than 100 percent more likely to be PC users. And they adore "How I Met Your Mother."

iPhone users, world travelers that they are, loved "Midnight in Paris" and are 67 percent more likely to back up their laptops constantly. Oh, and they're 13 percent more likely to play a musical instrument.

I know the infographic will offer hours of endless mirth, laughter, and solemn shaking of heads all around the world. If it's begun turning yet, that is.