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Stream big games to little computers with StreamMyGame

Play big games on your little machine with StreamMyGame.

LogMeIn has always been a personal favorite of mine for starting a big download or accessing certain files while away from my home machine. But let's face it--playing Crysis would be a little more fun.

The folks at StreamMyGame have the same idea and have a wonderful solution that lets you stream your games over the Web. Tuesday morning the company announced support for a breadth of UMPCs like the ASUS EeePC and HP Mini-Note, the kind of computers designed with minimal computing in mind.

The app works by having you install a small server on your machine that ties into the start-up files for your favorite games and apps. A specialized player app on the remote machine will let you access any of these at high frame rates up to various resolutions depending on what plan you're on. The premium plans let you play games at even higher resolutions--which are effectively only limited by your broadband connection.

The StreamMyGame team has put together a demo video of an ASUS EeePC playing Crysis and Quake 4. Keep in mind that the 701 model being used only has a maximum resolution of 800×480, which isn't nearly big enough to make detail-heavy real-time strategy titles or first-person shooters easy on the eyes. See the entire list of compatible laptops here.