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'Stranger Things' recipes let you dine on a Demogorgon

Anyone for some French Onion Barb? Netflix releases videos of treats inspired by its hit horror TV series "Stranger Things."

Warning: Spoilers from season 1 of "Stranger Things" below. Read at your own risk.

You can now celebrate "Stranger Things" with creative treats inspired by the creatures and characters from the much-dissected Netflix TV series.

Bake a Demogorgon pie made from pumpkin, blackberry puree and cherry pie filling. Sliced almond slivers serve as the monster's many teeth, making this perfect for an upcoming Halloween dinner party. Eat the pie, or be eaten by the pie.

Honor poor Barb with a French onion soup that looks just like her lifeless corpse in the Upside Down. The soup not only includes a replica of her floating head, but also a smaller version of her body (made from pizza dough) trying in vain to climb out of the swimming pool.

So far Netflix posted just the two food videos this week, with recipes by the winner of TLC'S "The Next Great Baker" Ashley Holt. But hopefully more are on the way, including a recipe using Eleven's favorite edible treat: frozen waffles.