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'Stranger Things' skewered by new MST3K cast in video

Is "Stranger Things" star David Harbour the new Joe Don Baker? Let's just say their morning routine of Schlitz and smokes might be similar.

They're two great Netflix tastes that go great together. The new cast of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" had some fun with its Netflix sibling "Stranger Things," releasing a short riff of the show on Friday, the same day the new MST3K dropped its first new season since 1999.

In the video, new host Jonah Ray jumps into the theater with Crow and Tom Servo only to find they won't be watching a B-movie, but a scene from the spooky 1980s-set Netflix hit. They poke fun at the title, at the Duffer brothers' last name ("Didn't they make those Tim Conway golf videos?"), and at the charging-straight-at-them show title ("Oh, these titles are like reverse 'Star Wars,' duck!").

"Stranger Things" star David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, comes in for some needling that will feel awfully familiar to Joe Don Baker's "Mitchell," a favorite target from the old MST3K days.

"The best part of waking upppppp, is letting my gut hang out," the hosts sing in tune to the old Folgers Coffee jingle.

"They shoulda called this, 'Sadder Things," the hosts crack as Harbour chases pills with a Schlitz before blowing smoke at his bathroom mirror.

Winona Ryder and the kids escaped getting MSTed this time, but fans in the YouTube comments were clamoring for more.

"Not gonna lie, I would love an episode of them riffing Stranger Things," RiNikulous Productions wrote.

Said Adam Pine: "I'd watch the entire show again if they did a special season for them where they just riff each episode... in its entirety. so good."

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