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'Stranger Things' logo lights up as Halloween costume

It takes three people and some crafting skills to pull off this costume inspired by the opening credits for the hit Netflix series.

You won't find a stranger costume than this on Halloween.

The '80s throwback horror series "Stranger Things" stormed through Netflix this year. That means we can expect plenty of people dressed as Joyce Byers, Barb and Eleven (carrying Eggo waffles) on Halloween.

Set yourself apart from the pack with a very different sort of "Stranger Things" outfit. You'll need some cardboard, black spray paint and two friends to pull off the red-on-black opening credits logo.

HalloweenCostumes.com posted instructions for a whole series worth of "Strange Things" cosplay ideas, but the logo is the most unusual of the bunch.

The costume takes some effort, including hiring a print shop to make a large version of the logo for you. You then cut it into three pieces, trim out the letters and use the red cellophane as backing to give it the right glow. Once you're all dressed up, you can spread out and then come back together to mimic the opening sequence.

You will have to spend all Halloween together with your buddies for the costume to make sense, but it will be worth it. Now all you need to complete your Upside Down-inspired decor are these DIY "Stranger Things" alphabet lights and a whole bunch of frozen waffles.