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'Stranger Things' demogorgon costume's gaping mouth horrifies

Prepare to sustain a fright when you see the "Stranger Things" monster out in the real world with all its gloriously scary teeth.

There's plenty to be scared of in the '80s horror throwback Netflix show "Stranger Things." You can tremble at the bizarre Upside Down world and fear the shadowy laboratory people, but some of the most frightening moments come from the demogorgon, a toothy creature with a gaping mouth for a face. Relive that terror with a spectacular demogorgon Halloween costume from Instagram user cblimagery.

Artist Carl Leck of CBL Imagery built the full-body costume with a wrist-activated trigger that makes the five-lobed mouth open to reveal a fearsome array of pointy teeth. Leck created the costume using a skin-tight body suit, plenty of spray foam and two rolls of tape. His top-notch painting skills bring it to life.

"Stranger Things" is a hot commodity this Halloween. All you need is a couple willing friends and some basic DIY skills to create a moving "Stranger Things" opening-credits logo. Throw in a set of homemade talking alphabet lights and some Eggo waffles and you have a perfect recipe for a "Stranger Things" theme party.