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Relive the creepiest 'Stranger Things' moments with cute Funko figures

Upside-down Will is so much more adorable as a big-headed vinyl model.

New "Stranger Things" figures of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will.

The Upside Down is about to get an adorable tribute. A new batch of "Stranger Things" collectible figures is coming from Funko in early 2017.

Funko teased us with mock-up toy figures of Eleven and Barb earlier this year, and on Monday the company announced that it's officially making Pop Vinyl figures for all the "Stranger Things" characters.

Vinyl Pop figures, which are more stylized than realistic, have become collectibles for fans of everything from Star Trek to "Sherlock."

Eleven's Vinyl Pop figure comes with and without a blonde wig. You can also pick up figures of Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Barb. The terrifying Demogorgon comes with an open or closed mouth.

ThinkGeek has an exclusive (and bluish) Upside Down Will figure, or you can get an Eleven Underwater figure exclusively from Hot Topic.

Each vinyl figure stands about 3.75 inches tall and costs $10 (about £8 or AU$13). The figures are available for preorder online now.

New "Stranger Things" figures of Barb, Demogorgon, Upside Down Will and Eleven Underwater.