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Stormtrooper hikes across Australia and faces a croc for charity

Cane toads, soaring temperatures and a giant crocodile -- one Star Wars fan is braving it all on a 15,000-kilometre hike around Australia in full Imperial Sandtrooper armour, all to give his local children's hospital a new hope.

Star Wars fan Scott Loxley is hiking around Australia to raise money for charity.501st Legion Storming Australia

The Australian outback can be harsh at the best of times, but circumnavigating the entire continent over 18 months and doing it in a full Sandtrooper costume is nothing less than a tour de force.

Star Wars fan and member of the international not-for-profit Star Wars costuming organisation, The 501st Legion, Scott Loxley is hiking around Australia, wheeling a trolley of gear across deserts and highways for up to 50 kilometres a day and braving temperatures that can climb as high as 50°C (122°F).

Loxley began his 15,000-kilometre (9,000-mile) journey roughly a year ago with the goal of raising AU$100,000 for the Monash Children's Hospital in his home town of Melbourne, Australia -- a goal he is just over a fifth of the way to reaching.

Time off in the far north of Australia.501st Legion Storming Australia

On his journey, Loxley has met with a "ridiculous" number of cane toads, bats and mozzies, has eaten snakes and, on his most recent trip into town, come face-to-face with one of the biggest salt water crocodiles in the world, the 5.5-metre Chopper.

Loxley says that "raising money for charity is a tough gig and doing it this way is really hard" but that the endeavour is ultimately worth it to raise funds for a hospital that provides care for more than 30,000 children a year.

"No matter how tough things get on the road, I know that there are kids battling just to get through every day and doing it with a smile on their face," he says on his fundraising page.

Loxley is also completing the walk to promote the 501st Legion, an international organisation that began as a way for Star Wars costume fans to share their love of the films, but now "puts its resources to good use through fundraising, charity work, and volunteerism".

Walking endless roads in the name of charity.Storming Australia

The organisation has offered its services to countless charities in the past, including the Special Olympics, Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House.

You can donate to Scott Loxley's epic journey on his Everyday Hero page, and keep up to date with his trip on the 501st Legion Storming Australia Facebook page and on Monash Children's Hospital's charity Facebook page.