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Stop the creepy Facebook oversharing

Facebook now shares your new friendships, comments, and Likes in the News Feed and on your Wall, giving your nosy friends a free pass to your personal life. Block this feature with our quick tip.

Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET.

Although Facebook is extremely useful--it lets you catch up with friends, connect with grade-school buddies, and passively share details about your life--there are times when it's just plain creepy.

The third-person updates in your News Feed are the perfect example of this: when two of your friends have a conversation, or your friend "Likes" a new page, those activities show up in your home page timeline (and now the real-time feed in the chat window).

It's pretty fun if you're the stalker-type, but don't forget that if you can see your friends' activity, they can see yours, too.

Follow this quick tip to hide (and unhide) recent activity from your Facebook Wall and the News Feed:

Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET.

  • To hide recent activity from your wall, hover over the type of activity you want to hide (i.e. a new friendship), and click the "X" that appears. Then select "Hide all ______ activity." Repeat the process for Likes, comments, friending, Wall posts, and relationship activity.

  • If you ever want to unhide your recent activity, scroll to the bottom of your Wall, select "Edit Options," and click the "X" next to the type of activities you want to unhide.

  • To hide posts from the News Feed, skip the above settings and selectively remove activity instead. Go to your wall and hover over the activity you want to hide, select the "X", and select "Remove post."

To take even more control of what you share, check off these five important Facebook privacy settings.