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Stitchtagram: Rest your head on an Instagram pillow

Service turns your favorite Instagram shots into comfy couch pillows. They'd make great gifts for the Instagram addict in your life (and we all know one, don't we?).

Stitchtagram brings Instagram to your couch.

In the span of weeks, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless (but goes by the initials Elinor Mills) has become completely addicted to the photo-sharing app Instagram. The world has become one big Instagram photo opp for her as she points her iPhone at flowers, friends, train tracks, oil-slicked sidewalks, and anything else in her path--and still tries to get some shut-eye now and then.

This self-portrait, my favorite of Elinor's Instagram creations, would make a magnificent pillow. (Click to enlarge.) Elinor Mills/@shiksabomb on Instagram

Happily, I've come upon Stitchtagram, a service that makes custom handmade throw pillows from Instagram photos, and now feel confident that Elinor can stay close to her beloved app even while she rests up between Instagram shoots.

The process is simple. You design a pillow by arranging your favorite Instagram photos using Stitchtagram's layout tool. Stitchtagram then prints the digital pics on a linen-cotton canvas and attaches it to a dark navy pillow back with an envelope-style closure hand-sewn at Stitchtagram's Washington D.C. headquarters.

The 15-inch pillows cost around $43.

Instagram, for those unfamiliar with the free app, allows users to apply custom filters to their camera phone pictures and then instantly share the shots with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr.

In December, Apple named Instagram its App of the Year, and while it's currently only available for iOS users, an Android version is reportedly on the way.

After Instagram nabbed the title, we asked Crave readers to share their favorite Instagram creations, and the submissions amazed us (you can see them here).

But getting back to the pillows, I know what I'm getting Elinor for her birthday.

Baby Max rests his head on a Baby Max Instagram pillow. Instagram user @majones, via Stitchtagram