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Stick your iPhone in this owl and sleep with it

Apparently, 75 percent of iPhone users go to bed with their phone. That's a hoot, and now they can sleep with a phone inside a toy owl.

Swoop the Owl
For those who love sleeping with hooters, Swoop is ideal for cuddling. Swoop the Owl

If you can't bear to be without your iPhone or iPod Touch, even when you're unconscious, this Kickstarter project might be a quite a hoot. Swoop the Owl is a mobile plush toy that wants to swallow your Apple device and keep it warm and snug while it's in bed with you.

Yes, in bed with you. A survey on iPhone junkies last year apparently revealed that a majority of Stanford University students admitted to falling asleep in bed with their phones.

If you sleep with Apple too, you can keep your device safe--and easy to find--by putting it in a pocket on Swoop's tummy. The owl is 12 inches tall and won't get lost in the bedclothes.

Jim McGaw and Tara Armbruster, the Santa Barbara, Calif., duo behind the avian pillow, are seeking $7,500 in funding on their Kickstarter page. Target consumers would be teen/tween girls, as well as college students.

Pillow fights not recommended.