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Steve Wozniak explains 'Woz's Law of Robotics' to us (Tomorrow Daily 329)

On today's show, we deep dive into the World Drone Prix, making music via face tracking, and Goodyear's spherical tire concept. We also welcome the one and only Steve Wozniak to the show, to discuss Silicon Valley Comic Con and future technology.


Here's our weekly bullet list of topics on today's long episode. Enjoy!

  • Headline Deep Dive: We discuss the World Drone Prix (and the future of drone racing as a sport), how inspirational inventions like Eye Conductor are for humanity as a whole, and why Goodyear's spherical tire concept makes us really excited about cars of the future.
  • Guest: Co-founder of Apple Computers Inc and all-around master of mischief Steve Wozniak sits down with us to explain how Silicon Valley Comic Con came about after a chance meeting with Stan Lee, why he used to be afraid of A.I. but feels more positive about it now, and more.
  • Into It: Jeff's impressed with long-time friend Dan Trachtenberg's directorial debut "10 Cloverfield Lane," and Ashley's been following AlphaGo vs. Lee Se-Dol in a battle of man versus machine.
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329: Steve Wozniak explains 'Woz's Law of Robotics' to us (Tomorrow Daily)

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