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Steve Jobs: Will bronze statue do him justice?

A Hungarian sculptor, commissioned by a local software businessman, aims to capture Jobs' dynamism in a 7-foot-tall memorial.

Steve Jobs unveils iPhone, January 2007
Ever dynamic on stage, Steve Jobs unveils the original iPhone in January 2007.
Declan McCullagh/CNET

Some might imagine that, before he died, Steve Jobs had left instructions on what could and could not be done with his likeness.

If such instructions did exist, they might be put to the test by the creation of a 7-foot bronze statue that is being created in his honor.

Hungarian Gabor Bojar, chairman of software company Graphisoft, commissioned sculptor Erno Toth to depict Jobs in a dynamic, rather than passive pose.

Toth chose the Jobs who was seen on stage telling the world that the iPhone was the first coming of something very important.

The sculpture will, therefore, show Jobs in full flow -- or at least in as full a flow as a bronze statue will allow.

Bojar told Reuters that he met Jobs almost 30 years ago and found him entirely inspirational.

Some might be concerned that the statue -- as happens with so many -- doesn't look terribly like its subject.

Some might also be concerned that it is being located in a place far removed from Jobs' home turf -- a Budapest technology park.

Was nowhere more significant available? Couldn't the great man have spent his bronzed days staring out over the Danube, for example?