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Steve Jobs (well, Ashton Kutcher) to promote Lenovo?

A report suggests that Ashton Kutcher is close to signing a $10 million deal to be the spokesperson for Lenovo.

No, that's not an ad for the ThinkPad. That's Kutcher as Steve Jobs.
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Will he appear in his characteristic black turtleneck and reveal one more thing?

Will he proclaim to be the possessor of magic and revolutionary products?

Perhaps we will soon see, if rumors are to be believed that Ashton Kutcher -- he who is the incarnation of Steve Jobs in a new movie -- is to become the new spokesperson for Lenovo.

The New York Post's (almost) unimpeachable Page Six column insists that Kutcher is about to sign a $10 million deal with Lenovo to promote its products and even appear in some ads.

Kutcher is well-known as a savvy investor and presenter of technology. His associations with Warby Parker and Pickwick and Weller show that he has taste and vision.

Lenovo isn't always associated with either of those.

Its products sometimes gain positive reviews, but its brand seems as well defined as the future of "American Idol."

Kutcher has for quite a while been the advertising face of Nikon, yet there were some rumors earlier this year that he and Nikon were in a strained relationship.

In theory, a marriage between Lenovo and Kutcher could be a progressive moment in building the company's brand.

But, as with all these things, what would truly matter is how he was used -- and, perhaps, how much time and effort he could devote to helping Lenovo impress itself upon the emotions of real people.