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Steve Jobs' most revolutionary Apple products

Here's a look at the most game-changing products that Steve Jobs and Apple have created over the years.

Guided by the steady hand of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, Apple has created some of the most influential and boldly designed consumer technology products of the modern era--everything from computer hardware and software to category-defining music players, tablets, and smartphones.

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No, the company's run hasn't been perfect: Apple's striking but overpriced G4 cube Power Mac comes to mind, as does the toylike clamshell iBook and the buttonless Shuffle. But apart from a few duds, Steve Jobs and Apple have mostly had a string of hits--and colossal ones, at that. Some have stood out more than others, and while some would argue that many "smaller," less well-known software-based products have been equally revolutionary, we've rounded up the dozen that we feel best represent the Steve Jobs legacy--the true game changers.

Vote in our poll on the left to choose the one you think is most influential. And, of course, feel free to mention any Apple products (hardware, software, or services) that you think have been revolutionary in the comments section below. These are the most obvious ones. Let us know what you think are the less obvious choices.