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Steve Ballmer bringing NBA's Kings to Seattle?

A report suggests that a group headed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen is buying the Sacramento Kings and bringing them to Seattle.

"And season tickets will cost you $8,000. We'll throw in a free Surface."
James Martin/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Anyone who lives in Vegas knows the pain of not having an NBA team. This city is denied allegedly because of its penchant for gambling.

Seattle has been denied for quite some time now because some hardy business people thought they'd rip its Sonics out and move them to the glory that is Oklahoma City.

Now there are strong sonic rumors that there was very good reason for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to bound onto the stage during Qualcomm's neo-psychedelic keynote: A group he is co-heading is reportedly buying the Sacramento Kings.

Yahoo Sports reports that the group -- with Ballmer and hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen as its two guards -- will be paying $500 million for a team that has languished in California's home of tortured governance.

It isn't known whether the team will become the Seattle Kings, but why not? The Seattle Redmonds doesn't have quite the same ring.

Should this purchase go through, it will mean that Microsoft's elite will have quite a hold on the NBA in the northwestern wetlands, as Paul Allen owns the Portland Trail Blazers.

I am sure you, too, can barely wait for the first game of the relocated franchise at the Key Arena.

Before the tip-off, Microsoft's CEO will run out screaming: "FANS!FANS!FANS!"

You want to be there, don't you?