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New trailer for Stephen King's 'The Mist' is bloody terrifying

Roses are red, and so are eyeballs, chins, mouths and every other dripping body part in this not-for-kids new clip.

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Warning: If blood makes you sick, do not, repeat, do not watch the above trailer for the new TV series based on Stephen King's "The Mist," coming to Spike on June 22.

Once the fatal mist rolls in to the small Maine town of Bridgton, there's suddenly more blood than a "Walking Dead" marathon. A bloody face with a deep bloody culvert where an eye used to be. A woman's mouth so red it looks like she's wearing a blood beard. Another bloody-eyed face, this time above a shirt that's positively soaked in red. A blonde female (is that a little girl?) with yet another gouged-out bloody eye. A mouth dripping blood while it spews live moths.

You get the picture. Everything that can bleed is doing its best to gush all over the place. The fake-blood budget here had to rival the actors' salaries.

As we know from the earlier trailer, the Spike series is only loosely based on King's 1980 novella, which was mainly set inside a grocery store where a group of people were trapped after the killer mist rolled in. New characters and plots have been added to stretch the book out into a TV series. King's never been averse to bodily fluids in his horror stories, but this is bloody unnerving.

"The Mist" premieres on June 22 on Spike (which will eventually rename itself The Paramount Network), and stars Frances Conroy, Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland and Gus Birney.

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