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Stephen King's 'It' new clip has 'Stranger Things' vibes

The sewers of Derry, Maine, look just as creepy as the otherworldly Upside Down. Creepier, maybe. No clowns in the Upside Down.

If the "Stranger Things" kids and the Losers' Club from Stephen King's "It" met up, they'd probably be fast friends. It helps that actor Finn Wolfhard plays Mike in Netflix's "Stranger Things" and also plays Richie Tozier in "It," but they have other things in common too.

A new clip from the upcoming movie version of "It" was revealed at the MTV Movie and TV Awards Sunday night, and the similarities are obvious. Both groups are geeky kids in small towns, facing a supernatural murderous menace from which no adult can protect them. The "It" kids' version of the Upside Down is their town's creepy sewers, where they find a shoe from Betty Ripsom, who's gone missing and whose fate seems as final and horrific as poor Barb of "Stranger Things."

And hello, Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgård), we can't say we've missed seeing you again.

"It" is set for release on Sept. 8 in the US and UK, and Sept. 7 in Australia.

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