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Stephen Hawking sings Monty Python's 'Galaxy Song'

Fly through the universe with Stephen Hawking as he croons Monty Python's whimsical take on space. Then, command Hawking's chair in a rousing custom game of Asteroids.

Stephen Hawking flying
Stephen Hawking goes flying off into space. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET.

Monty Python's "Galaxy Song," made famous in the comedy troupe's 1983 movie "The Meaning of Life," is perhaps the most optimistic tune ever written about an individual's insignificant place in the universe. Usually, Python member Eric Idle takes the lead vocals, but the group has now released a music video with famed physicist Stephen Hawking's computerized voice taking a star turn.

The video features Hawking romping about in his motorized chair and floating off into space, where he delivers lines like "The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see are moving at a million miles a day." The video is intercut with footage of the Monty Python comedians working together.

A few lucky Python and Hawking fans will have the opportunity to buy the song as a single on 7-inch vinyl in the UK for Record Store Day on April 18. It's a day dedicated to promoting independent record stores. A thousand physical copies will be available, but the tune is also available as a digital download. The single is an extended version of an appearance Hawking made with the Monty Python gang during their reunion shows in 2014.

Not content with just the cover song and a music video, Monty Python and Universal Music created an Asteroids game that lets you play as Hawking and shoot lasers at asteroid versions of the Monty Python actors' heads. This all happens while the "Galaxy Song" plays in the background, making for a delightfully surreal gaming experience.