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Stephen Hawking movie trailer teases romance, tragedy

"The Theory of Everything," in which the famed physicist is played by Eddie Redmayne, is a movie that appears to meld science and romance. Will it work?

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking. Universal Pictures/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When they schedule the release of a movie near Christmas, you get the sense the studios think it might be good.

So the fact that "The Theory Of Everything" -- a movie about Stephen Hawking, his fight with motor neuron disease, and his relationship with first wife Jane Wilde -- is being released in the US on November 7 might bode well.

This week, the studio released a trailer that, as many trailers do, stops just short of telling the whole story.

Hawking is played by Eddie Redmayne, who is perhaps most famous for portraying Marius in the 2012 movie "Les Miserables."

At first glance, he appears to resemble Hawking physically and presents him as a charming dreamer.

There's the feeling of a sweeping tragedy slightly reminiscent of "A Beautiful Mind."

Hawking's marriage to Wilde, played here by Felicity Jones, ended in 2006. His private life has sometimes been described as eventful.

I wonder, though, whether a movie about a man who wrote "A Brief History Of Time" -- one of those books that many bought, but I suspect far fewer finished -- will appeal to a wider audience.

There again, this one seems to have classic themes -- love, tragedy, defying the odds. That about sums up the history of time, doesn't it?