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Stephen Hawking and the fate of humans on Yahoo

Four weeks ago, renowned British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking posed a question to Yahoo Answers. "How can the human race survive the next hundred years?" he asked.

Since then, people have posted more than 25,000 responses. Hawking will select his choice for the best answer this week, Yahoo says. And on Wednesday, he will talk about the fate of the world in an exclusive audio clip that will be posted on Yahoo Search and Yahoo Video.

Hawking is just one of a handful of celebrities Yahoo has tapped to pose questions on Yahoo Answers, including Donald Trump, Al Gore and U2 rocker Bono, for its Ask the Planet campaign.

In choosing the best answer to his question, Hawking will have a lot of chaff to sort through. For example, here is a random sampling of a few of the answers: "If you're really Stephen Hawking, then you all ready (sic) answered this one yourself," "One day at a time," "Don't worry! When things get really bad, the rapture will happen. Then the apocalpyse. (sic) Then moving into space and stuff won't really matter, because all the sinners will be dead."