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Stephen Colbert explains Cingular and deregulation

Stephen Colbert explains Cingular and AT&T.

The AT&T acquisition of BellSouth and Cingular is final, and even though we haven't seen signs of it on Cingular's front page yet, AT&T will slowly roll out an ad campaign to phase out the Cingular brand. It won't be an overnight change, but much like the AT&T Wireless change to Cingular a few years back, subscribers will definitely see a change on their wireless bills within the next few months.

All this changing of hands from AT&T to the various Baby Bells to BellSouth and SBC and all the way back to AT&T again can be very confusing to the average consumer. Which, of course, makes for some excellent comedy material. Stephen Colbert very artfully puts it all in perspective for us on his show The Colbert Report, complete with a very complicated flow chart. Hilarious.