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Stein of Science: Liquid nitrogen-grade booze container

Drink up, science geeks. Funranium Labs offers high-octane coffee (to be taken in small doses) and beer steins tough enough for liquid nitrogen.

Steins of Science
The Stein of Science comes in a variety of sizes.
Funranium Labs

Meet Funranium Labs founder Phil Broughton.

He's a radiation safety specialist at the University of California at Berkeley. He was once a cryogenics technician for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole scientific research station. He's really into coffee and beer and finding the best way to deliver those products into his system, and he has boldly offered himself up as a guinea pig for science by personally testing and developing products for discerning geek customers.

Black Blood of the Earth sampler
The Black Blood sampler features different types of coffee. (Click to enlarge.) Funranium Labs

Let's start with the Stein of Science. Each stein is crafted from a bench top liquid nitrogen dewar flask. That means it will keep your beer frosty cold for quite a long time. That also means it's not cheap. A 655-milliliter Stein of Science costs $230. Your fellow lab rats will be insanely jealous when you show up to the next party with one of these bad boys.

Funranium Labs has also developed a way to blow espresso completely out of the water with a highly concentrated coffee product. Mere mention of the name "The Black Blood of the Earth" is enough to make a Starbucks barista faint.

The Black Blood is a cold vacuum extraction coffee concentrate. The extraction method is so effective that the caffeine is concentrated to about 40 times higher than a regular cup of joe.

Funranium Labs recommends serving it cold and consuming no more than a shot at a time. You can dip your toes in the Black Blood waters with a sampler set of 10 test tubes holding 50 milliliter each for $50.

Broughton's site goes into a lot of the R&D details behind the steins and coffee. It's heartening to know he is out there, using his scientific superpowers for good.

I haven't seen any accounts yet of someone trying to pour The Black Blood of the Earth into a Stein of Science. It's possible the combination of the two could start a chain reaction that would cause the world to end. Or it could cause a chain reaction of cold coffee deliciousness. Anyone willing to be a test subject?