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Stay motivated with free, fast-paced GetWorkDoneMusic

If you use music to help motivate you toward the finish line of your daily tasks, you're truly missing out if you haven't checked out this Web site.

Background music can serve as a great tool for motivation and inspiration. For those times when you need a higher level of productivity and concentration, chances are you're looking for some faster music. This is where comes to your rescue.

Ryan Ghods, creator of GetWorkDoneMusic, offered this explanation behind building the Web site:

Music is one of my ultimate, super-productivity life hacks. A great, seamless blend of tracks keeps me going on a single task without getting distracted. Somewhat of a drummer to the work I'm doing, so I don't go and open up a tab for Facebook or Reddit.

As a college student, he is all too familiar with the mundane task of reading through lengthy texts and needing something to help him stay focused.

You might be wondering why Ryan Ghods didn't just turn to a service like PandoraSlacker, or Spotify. Unlike these other services, GetWorkDoneMusic doesn't require a sign-up, and you won't get spammed by ads between tracks. Ultimately, Soundcloud makes this site possible by providing the music. As a caveat: you probably won't hear a lot of the songs you know by heart, but you might hear remixes of them.

On the site you'll find three primary buttons: one for play and then two levels of fast. Additionally, GetWorkDoneMusic gives you the ability to go back to a previous track (for those times when it really helped you get in the zone), or skip ahead if you're just not feelin' it by use of links along the bottom of the Web interface.

Do you think GetWorkDoneMusic is a good alternative to other free streaming services when you're trying to finish a task? Or do you find the mix of songs that sites like Pandora offer better for your work mode?

(Via Lifehacker)