Status Update: A podcast about parenting in the age of tech

Coming soon from CNET, a new show about how tech is changing the way we raise our kids.

Status Update, 1: Teaser

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James Martin/CNET

Tech is everywhere.

Coffee pots can reorder grounds when they run out, washing machines can text you when they're finished and sensors that used to cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, can now be put into a cute little plastic case and attached to your kid.

That's why we're launching a new podcast coming from CNET called Status Update. It's a show about how tech is changing the way we raise our kids.

Launching soon, this podcast will cover all sorts of issues, including:

  • What's OK and what's not OK to post on social media.
  • Baby sensor products and our anxiety.
  • How taking all these photos changes our relationships.

In our search for answers, we'll draw from CNET's world-class news and reviews teams in addition to speaking with new parents, techies, child development experts and even a museum curator to understand how this wave of technology is changing our lives.

Music in this episode

"And So Then" by Lee Rosevere.

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