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States won't write off taxes on Web sales

Nineteen states are reminding taxpayers to pay taxes on out-of-state purchases, including those made over the Internet. Meanwhile, online filings are on the rise.

As April 15 draws near, states are hoping to collect their cut of e-commerce. But the taxes are hard to figure, states have no decent method of enforcement, and any declaration is voluntary. Meanwhile, online filings of tax returns are on the rise.

N.Y., California push for piece of e-commerce

New York and California are among the states asking residents to wade through arcane formulas to calculate sales taxes on Internet purchases and other out-of-state transactions.
April 9, 2004

Tax sites gear up for last-minute rush

The IRS and major online tax preparation sites report an increase in online filing ahead of next week's tax deadline.
April 9, 2004

Tax relief

review CNET Reviews looks at Intuit's TurboTax and H&R Block's TaxCut, two applications designed to make preparing your own tax return a bit less taxing.