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Startup wants to open selfie-themed cafe

Commentary: This is what the world has been waiting for. The opportunity to drink themselves in a little more.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Finally, you can be at one with your food.


Technology has, at its heart, the fulfillment of human needs.

There's no point creating an elephant-delivery app if there really isn't a demand.

Hosannas, then, to the founders of a new cafe concept that is sure to sweep the world. It's called Selffee.

Now why would a cafe have that name? You're there already, aren't you? This is a place where you have your own picture printed onto the food or drink you consume.

Who wouldn't want to eat, say, a cookie with their picture on it? Who wouldn't want to drink themselves in a little more?

Who wouldn't want to slowly stretch out their tongue and lick their own face, which happens to lie on top of their coffee?

The company's Indiegogo campaign is an edifyingly self-regarding spectacle. It explains that the plan is to open a storefront in New York and seduce the world from there.

On offer will be cold-brew iced coffee, milkshakes, iced green tea, cookies, cupcakes and marshmallows.

What a joy it must be to finally become one's own cupcake.

Selffee says its technology is FDA-certified. It prints your selfie, which you can take in-store or transmit in advance, directly onto the product. The company says taste is not compromised.

This isn't merely the next step for technology. This is the next step for humanity, one that allows us to fully realize our need to project ourselves into the world.

I wonder, though, whether people are prepared to put their money where their face is.

The campaign has so far only raised just over $15,000. This, with only 15 days to go, is somewhat short of its $30,000 target.

Could it be that humanity's ego has a limit? Or is it merely that humanity has a limit when supporting Indiegogo campaigns?