Startup says rooms on wheels are the future of self-driving cars (Tomorrow Daily 270)

Ashley discusses an out-of-the-box idea for a futuristic autonomous car, a kiosk that paints pictures on your nails in a snap and Tesla's plan to curb irresponsible drivers abusing its autopilot feature.

Silicon Valley startup Next has a radical idea about what the self-driving car of the future should look like. Its plan is to make cubes on wheels for people to commute in around urban cities, giving riders the opportunity to catch up on a little work while being driven to their destinations. It's ambitious, and Next won't have a physical prototype built until 2020 at the earliest, but the concept video is pretty fun to watch.

For those of you out there obsessed with nail art (and there are a lot of you out there, based on the industry's wide expansion over the past couple of years), you'll soon be able to get a fancy nail job from a kiosk. Fingernails2Go will not only allow a customer to choose from over 10,000 premade designs, they'll also be able to upload their own images via USB to the machine -- so if you've been itching to display your dogs in full HD on your nails, your time will soon be nigh.

We've seen a handful of intense close-call videos from Tesla owners using the company's new autopilot feature, but if Tesla has anything to say about it, abusing the system may soon come to an end (or at least taper off quite a bit). Elon Musk vaguely mentioned the company would be adding "additional constraints" to the autopilot system to prohibit Tesla drivers from abusing it, but didn't offer up any details.

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270: Startup says rooms on wheels are the future of self-driving cars

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