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Starter kit for giant mech suit lands on Amazon Japan

If you've ever wanted your very own mech suit, you may now be able to snap one up for just 120 million yen -- if you live in the Kanto region of Japan. Oh, and there are other caveats too.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry

Don't deny it: We have all, at some point, dreamed of climbing into a giant robotic suit and stomping around being all badass. In fact, if mech suits could replace cars, most of us wouldn't complain at all. So it is with a great deal of covetousness that we note that the Kuratas mech -- which has made several appearances online, on TV shows and at trade shows -- has been made available for sale on Amazon Japan.

For just 120 million yen (over $1 million), the four-legged robotic suit by Suidobashi Heavy Industry -- there is only one available -- could be yours.

There are, however, a few caveats -- and a few hints that all may not be as it seems. The first caveat is that the Kuratas only ships to the Kanto region of Japan, so if you're anywhere else in the world, you're out of luck. The second is that the robot is advertised as a kit, which means some (or a lot of) assembly will be required.

And this is where it starts getting a little more iffy: The kit doesn't ship with arms; these need to be purchased separately. However, these arms are not listed on the Suidobashi Heavy Industry Amazon page. Secondly, shipping is listed as just 350 yen -- less than $3. That price for the delivery of a 5-ton package seems unrealistic, no matter how local.

The reviews are also a little strange. Granted, we are reading them via Google Translate, but they seem to indicate that the listing is the extension of the Kuratas as a work of art, rather than perhaps a real item that can be purchased.

"I use to fight with friends. It is the night of every Saturday in the school ground," one user wrote.

"First humanoid robot my grandfather gave me ... it is a Kuratasu Original, I was 4 years old," wrote another.

So it's very possible we'll just have to keep dreaming for now. CNET has contacted Suidobashi Heavy Industry for more information and we'll update this story if we get more information. In the meantime, you can watch this tutorial on how to pilot the Kuratas.