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'Star Wars' X-34 Landspeeder is a pedal-powered win

Chalk another one up for awesome geek dads. This particular dad built his son a pedal-powered X-34 Landspeeder from wood and flower pots.

X-34 Landspeeder toy car
Girls get to play in the Landspeeder, too.

Luke Skywalker famously had his own X-34 Landspeeder, a hovering civilian transport vehicle that could scoot across the land at a fair clip. Now, a boy in Detroit has a Landspeeder of his very own, thanks to the efforts of an extremely geeky and extremely handy "Star Wars"-fan dad. The Landspeeder was built as a sixth-birthday present for his son.

The dad, going by the name "Blogsdo" on Instructables, posted up the instructions for creating the sci-fi machine using a pedal-powered Kettcar as the base. He built the body around it using plenty of pine boards and paneling. The engine pods are fashioned from wood scraps and flower pots.

The result is a pretty impressive Landspeeder that even has the right sort of earth-tone colors. It's a bit hefty, so smaller kids need a push to get going.

No "Star Wars" vehicle would be complete without a lightsaber battle to go with it, so the intrepid dad also made some sword props from cut-up water noodles and duct tape. That way, everyone's hands are destined to stay intact, no matter how heated the duel gets.

That's not all. To add a little extra flair to the project, Blogsdo spray-painted a "bumper sticker" of Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" pissing on a Death Star. Take that, Darth Vader.

Lightsaber duel
Let the battle begin! Blogsdo