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'Star Wars' theme makes a dozen movie and TV scenes even more epic

It looks like every single moment in movie and TV history can be improved with a blast of brass, as demonstrated in 12 new videos from Slate.

Let's face it. There are few things that can't be made better by the powerful, horn-filled "Star Wars Theme" written by John Williams. Trying to wake up in the morning? Blast a few bars from your phone and you'll be bounding out of bed like the hero you are. Stuck in traffic? Play the theme and you'll be transported to a world where you could just fire your thrusters and rise above your gravity-bound brethren. Asking for a raise? The Force will be strong in you if you fuel up on Williams' composition before you head into your boss' office.

To prove the point that pretty much everything is better with "Star Wars," the folks over at Slate magazine just released 12 videos that play the main theme over 11 classic movie scenes and one classic TV scene.

From an alien being born out of a crew mate's chest cavity in "Alien," to Meg Ryan's most unforgettable scene in "When Harry Met Sally," to that needle-in-Uma's-chest scene from "Pulp Fiction," the videos prove that the epic-factor can always be upped when you add some "Star Wars" horns to the mix.

You can check out a few of the videos in this post. To see the full batch of them, stop by Slate's website for the full post.

Got your own ideas about which scenes could be improved by the "Star Wars Theme?" Let me know in the comments below. Personally, I think this scene in season one of "Breaking Bad," where Mr. White blows up a car at a gas station could do with some extra brass. You?