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'Star Wars' superfan finds Han trapped in a carbonite-coffin coffee table

Movie prop maker Tim Baker and his team create a tribute to "Star Wars" with a Han Solo in carbonite coffin, which doubles as furniture.

"Star Wars" fan Ray Choi is dying to try out his new Han Solo coffin. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Turns out you don't have to be Jabba the Hutt to get your own life-size Han Solo trapped in carbonite. On this week's episode of the DIY webseries "Super-Fan Builds" we get to see a "Star Wars" superfan get his own Han Solo in carbonite coffin coffee table.

"Super-Fan Builds" shows off the talents of movie prop designers, led by industry veteran Tim Baker. Along with his talented team of artists, he builds amazing tributes to movies and video games for superfans nominated by friends and family.

In this week's episode, Baker and his crew built a Han Solo in carbonite coffin coffee table for Ray Choi, a fan who volunteers as a Stormtrooper with the "Star Wars" cosplay charity organization the 501st Legion. His friends and fellow Stormtroopers decided to show him their gratitude with an epic gift he'll treasure forever.

Baker starts off with a pre-made coffin he then disassembles and modifies it so it can really be used to sleep in, as well as utilized as a coffee table. Baker also re-sculpts the face of Han Solo to look more like the super fan who gets the coffin table.

In past episodes of "Super-Fan Builds"on AWE me, fans have been presented with a "Lord of the Rings" Hobbit-hole litter box, an , a BioShock City of Rapture fish aquarium, a life-size "Guardians of the Galaxy" Groot swing, a Final Fantasy sword kitchen knife set and a Batmobile stroller. If you have a superfan to nominate, contact the producers of "Super-Fan Builds" at