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Star Wars stars shine singing Smash Mouth's 'All-Star'

Only shooting stars break the mold, and there are plenty of them from the galactic saga in this entertaining video.

An all-star cast of Star Wars characters singing Smash Mouth's "All-Star"? Yes, please.

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon and "The Tonight Show," for launching this into the galaxy, just in time for Thursday, aka Star Wars Day, aka May the 4th Be With You. It's a big day, especially this year as the 40th anniversary of "A New Hope" lands later this month.

The video combines vocal snippets from all the movies, from both the Jedi and the Sith, and from every alien race that ever wandered through the saga (yes, even Jar-Jar). You'll want to replay it multiple times to see if you can figure out where Jabba says "tool" or just to watch the panicked Rey screeching the first syllable of "finger." There's no better soundtrack for Star Wars Day, or really any day.