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Star Wars Squadrons gets dogfighting CGI mini-movie

The seven-minute Hunted short focuses on lone Imperial pilot ahead of the game's Oct. 2 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Sean Keane

Star Wars Squadrons isn't hitting PS4, Xbox One and PC until Oct. 2, but publisher EA gave us a little taste with a seven-minute CGI animated short on Monday. It introduces Imperial pilot Varko Grey as he tries to survive an attack by the New Republic fleet.

Grey is the leader of Titan Squadron, and finds himself hunted by New Republic X-wing. It's pretty exciting and cinematic -- having been made in collaboration between developer Motive Studios, Lucasfilm and ILM -- and hopefully reflects the game's tone.

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The story takes place after Return of the Jedi and the rebels' victory at the Battle of Endor, with the perspective alternating between the fledgling New Republic's Vanguard Squadron and the Empire's Titan Squadron. You can play through the whole game in VR on PS4 and PC, and multiplayer supports cross-play, so you can face off against friends no matter what system they're on.

You can preorder the game now for $40, and doing so gets you cosmetic items featured in the CG short.