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'Star Wars' space slug jack-in-the-box wants to eat a starship

The famous space slug has wormed its way from an asteroid in a galaxy far, far away to inhabit a jack-in-the-box for Star Wars Celebration 2015.

Space slug jack-in-the-box
Don't try to hide in this space slug. Star Wars Celebration/StarWars.com

A lot of "Star Wars" merchandise is common stuff. You can walk into any superstore and find a Stormtrooper action figure. But some merch is special, requiring extra effort to obtain. Those items can be found at the Star Wars Celebration, an annual event taking place April 16 to 19 in Anaheim, Calif. A store there offers exclusive gear and some of this year's offerings are being teased. The highlight so far? A space slug jack-in-the-box.

You might recall how the space slug (more technically known as an exogorth) gave Han Solo some trouble in "The Empire Strikes Back." The massive space-dwelling creature sports pointy teeth, grayish skin, small eyes and a bad attitude. It's kind of like a giant ill-tempered space moray eel.

The box itself has an asteroid pattern printed on it to replicate the slug's usual home territory. A red-handled crank on the outside triggers the plush-looking slug to pop up. Fortunately, this particular critter will behave itself and won't try to eat your face off. The slug isn't big enough to hide a whole starship in, but it should provide a suitably creepy surprise for anyone who was expecting a normal Jack to jump out of the box.

StarWars.com shared a series of photos of exclusive merchandise scheduled to appear at the Star Wars Celebration. There is the usual array of t-shirts, but also a neat-looking set of wood alphabet play blocks and a pair of green-and-black commemorative socks to keep your Jedi tootsies warm.

Star Wars play blocks
You can find these play blocks at Star Wars Celebration 2015. Star Wars Celebration/StarWars.com