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Star Wars Rumor Generator lets you spread wild speculation

Become your own "Star Wars" rumor machine by using a baseless yet plausible-sounding generator to spread casting gossip and title hearsay.

Fake "Star Wars" posters
Fake "Star Wars" posters make the rumors feel more real. Slate

Pssst! Did you hear the title for the new "Star Wars" movie is going to be "Star Wars Episode VII: The Phantom Vader?" It totally leaked from an unnamed source close to J.J. Abrams. Quick, share it on Twitter!

It seems like "Star Wars" rumors are second only to new iPhone rumors when it comes to spreading speculation all over the Web. There's no reason anonymous sources should have all the fun. Slate has unveiled the Star Wars Rumor Generator so you can join in and become a font of unfounded sci-fi film gossip.

The generator gives you a blurb full of random casting rumors, plot points, and a title that sounds just plausible enough to maybe be real. It also generates a fake movie poster to go along with each set of fake rumors. Naturally, you can share the title on Facebook, Twitter, or over email. The Facebook share, for example, reads like this: "Next Star Wars film to be titled 'Episode VII: Revenge of Alderaan.' Maybe. It could happen." Perhaps your more gullible friends will fall for it.

All of the rumors feature unnamed sources, the phrase "aging Luke Skywalker," and a mention of a "fearsome Sith Lord." Andry Serkis gets billing as a "menacing motion-capture alien" to help add some verisimilitude to the speculation. Other names gets changed out. The best part is the titles, which range from "The Jedi Strikes Back" to "Attack of R2-D2." Really, who wouldn't get excited about "Star Wars Episode VII: Revenge of the Ewoks"?