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'Star Wars' posters get a Swiss Style retro revamp

An Argentinian designer has given some famous scenes from "Star Wars" the Swiss Style treatment. The results are as appealing as a tauntaun in a snowstorm.

The Swiss Style relies heavily on type to get its message across. Admiral Ackbar relied on his jowly mouth to get his across. Fernando de Carabassa

"I was born with 'Star Wars,'" says 29-year-old Argentinian designer Fernando de Carabassa. So when it came time to work on a project for his university design class that required a series of related pieces to be created, the space saga seemed a natural choice.

Once that decision was made, de Carabassa decided to incorporate another of his loves: the Swiss Style of Design. Also known as the International Typographic Style, this mode of design relies heavily upon typefaces, especially sans-serif ones like Helvetica. "I choose Swiss Art because I wanted to work with 'Star Wars' quotes that I really loved and make a kind of 'Star Wars' visual dictionary," he told me. "Swiss Style is one of the things that inspired me to study graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires here in Argentina."

The result of the fusion is a series of square posters that highlight some memorable moments from the franchise both in its silver screen and written form. He particularly gave a shout out to Kevin J. Anderson and Timothy Zahn in the interview, two authors of books in the "Star Wars" expanded universe.

Looking at de Carabassa's posters, I was immediately reminded of album covers, which, he said, isn't surprising. "They could be album covers," he told me. "I've been inspired by many posters of Swiss Style flyers and ads for music bands such as Nirvana or the Velvet Underground."

De Carabassa says that since graduating university, he's worked as a freelance graphic designer for a range of clients while tackling personal projects, like the "Star Wars" series, in his time off. He also says that more posters will be forthcoming.

For now, you can see a collection of eight beauties in the gallery below and learn a bit more about "Star Wars" while you're at it. You can see even more on de Carabassa's Behance page here. Plus, if you're so inspired, he's now selling some of the designs on pillows through RedBubble.