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'Star Wars' Millennium Falcon -- in Jell-O

JustJennrecipes creates impressive dessert homages to "Star Wars," including the tastiest hunk of Jell-O in the Galaxy.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon made of Gray Jell-O by JustJennDesigns.
This edible Falcon has our kind of special modifications.
JustJenn Designs

Jenn from JustJenn Recipes makes "Star Wars" edibles from Princess Leia cupcakes to blue milk to edible carbonite, and a chocolate homage to the Battle of Yavin.

This time around she's whipped up a Jell-O tribute to the Millennium Falcon using Knox gelatin, condensed milk, black gel dye, and Kotobukiya's Star Wars Millennium Falcon silicone tray.

"I make a lot of 'Star Wars' food and when I do it I like to stay true to the movies as much as possible," Jenn tells Crave. "I want the food to be a true fan experience. So when I saw the Millennium Falcon mold, I'd seen it used with ice and chocolate but I felt like the best thing to do would be do make it a true ship color gray. I figured that Jell-O would be the best material to get that color and all the fine details."

While Jell-O may take shape quickly, it can still be tricky to work with. "Jell-O is very fragile and very jiggly, so it breaks easily," Jenn says. "You have to baby it with tender loving care. Sometimes it's just easier to go for the joke, like when I created my Han Solo in Jell-O carbonite. No mold necessary!"

Serving a "Star Wars" dessert is likely to get rave reviews (in some circles at least), but what happens when you present a bunch of hungry kids with jiggly, gray gelatin? "I think the gray really makes the ship look more like a toy than real food. When I served it to my kids they were kind of appalled at the thought of gray Jell-O until they tasted it. Then they kept asking for more!"

Princess Leia Cupcake by JustJennDesigns
Princess Leia: We always suspected her hair was made from cookies! JustJenn Designs

Of all the "Star Wars" delectables Jenn's made, "my most popular recipe is definitely the Princess Leia cupcakes with Oreo hair buns that I made for my Ultimate Star Wars Party," she reports, "but my favorite is probably the severed Wampa arm cake. Guava gelly is a surprisingly good substitute for Wampa blood."

Wampa cake by JustJennDesigns
Wampa arm: This dessert really goes out on a limb. JustJenn Designs